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Registration on Exchange

Self-registration on Exchange

You register your account by himself without any of our involvement. After completing the procedure, you provide us with your identifier (UID). No other data is required from you.

Registration on Exchange through our referral link

You register through our referral link, which you receive upon request through the form on this website (at the bottom) or via Telegram (contacts at the bottom of this website). We will automatically receive your identifier.

Verification on Exchange

Account verification on OKX exchange is mandatory!

The OKX exchange requires traders to undergo verification in order to fully utilize all the mechanisms of the exchange. It is not possible to apply a discount to an unverified account.


Discount Activation

All partner discounts are activated within 1-3 business days.

At this stage, you do not need to take any further action. We will take care of everything else. Only in the event that the discount is not activated within 1-3 business days, you should contact us for clarification. But in reality, if there are any delays, we will inform you in advance.


What is the discount size?

It is determined individually for each client.

How much does the subscription for this service cost?

$0/year. We only provide the requirements set by the exchange for each client (e.g., monthly turnover).

Can I increase the discount?

Certainly, if it is not already at its maximum. It is enough to meet the minimum requirements for each subsequent level.

Why are the specific discount sizes for certain turnovers not immediately shown?

Since we tailor the requirements to each client to be realistic and achievable, we do not provide the discount sizes upfront.

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